Private SMTP Server For Unlimited Sending


We are providing your own private smtp server, which you will able to use send unlimited email, Its possible to add any custom domain for your server. we charge only for onetime, you can use this service lifetime.

We build this server specially for spammer who need to send mass email……… delivery may take 7 days for complete this work.

Delivery items with features of server:

  • Main admin access of the server (you can create unlimited smtp from this server)
  • SMTP access
  • Deployment of a dedicated SMTP server using Linux/Windows
  • Installation of Webmail
  • Cpanel
  • DNS Configuration
  • Setting Up SPF
  • Setting Up DKIM
  • Setting Up DMARC
  • Setting Up TXT
  • Setting Up DNS
  • Setting Up RDNS
  • make sure you get The best inbox delivery
  • Installation of SSL to make your emails encrypted
  • You can send email very fast
  • High Open Rate.
  • Built in sender
  • Send UNLIMITED Emails/Month
  • Setting up special configuration for spammer
  • Warm Up Guide



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Our Contact:-

Whatsapp: +19493716732

Telegram:  @fd_2017

Telegram Channel For Discount:  @fdshop2017

Email: [email protected] customer support



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