Sending Mail By Human Worker 1 By 1



This service only for this person who want to send Email one by one with human worker, we have some worker who work with us for 1 by 1 email sending , gmail, outlook, yahoo, gmx or any that you need.

We will use our own mail for (gmail, outlook, yahoo, gmx, protonmail, aol) you will need to mention which you want for sending, or if you need to sending with another email you will need to provide us mail access for sending.

We wil need from you-

  • Leads
  • Duration
  • Mail Access file (if you wish to send from others mail)
  • Message subject
  • Message body (text/html)
  • Attachment (if you wish to send)

Provide us all info during place your order.



Our others category


Our Contact:-

Whatsapp: +19493716732

Telegram:  @fd_2017

Telegram Channel For Discount:  @fdshop2017

Email: [email protected] customer support



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